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Bring The Smile Back.

Inspired by a life-changing event, Atulya Prabha Foundation was established in June 2021 in a village called Veerkhera, in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India. We are focussing on helping underprivileged children and elders in the village Veerkhera and adjoining villages. We are a self-funded organization and are not accepting donations at the moment. We are building good processes first to reach such underprivileged people. Here you can learn more about who we are and what we do.

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Bring The Smile Back

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What we do for the ones in need:

3. The help we provide can include educational, healthcare, sanitation, financial, medicational needs, or whatever help the needy seek in order to solve their problem and promote a better living.

4. With the help we provide, we also try to promote good and positive human values and traits, by extending the circle of humanity towards all humans beings.

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1. Reach to underprivileged children in the village and know what is their immediate burning problem. Help them financially and emotionally through our 9 volunteers.


2. Reach to elderly people who need immediate assistance and help them by providing financial and emotional support. 

The Story

This is a story of a pandemic and an Indian village girl, full of life and laughter. She married a city boy of Delhi in January 2000, that was the start of the 21st century. It was a perfect marriage where the city boy met the village girl in his friend's marriage. The friend happened to be the girl's brother. Boy proposed to the girl immediately. She accepted. The boy requested her brother to give permission for marriage straight away.

The friend was more than happy to know this. It was a dream come true for both. They were living happily married life for the next 21 years till.....Covid 19 strikes.

Prabha was kind, loving, intelligent, cool, and having a multi-tasking character. She was the mother of two sweet girls and was a loving wife and an adorable daughter-in-law.

She never let anyone leave her home without food, be it a distant relative or neighbor, or an unknown visitor. Over a period of 21 years, she inspired many people with her acts of kindness followed by her radiant smile. She learned driving, traveled a lot, went on solo travels by air, and enjoyed life. She always tried to add colors to the life of every single person who came into her contact.

Then COVID-19 struck India. On 4th May 2021, she tested positive. All 5 members of the family had symptoms. Though all others got healed by the same doctor, she still had issues.

She was hospitalized on 13 May due to the drop in oxygen levels. After many ups and downs, she took her last breath on 16 June 2021, in one of the most renowned hospitals for COVID in New Delhi.

She fought with the cruel disease of the Century for 42 straight days and lost the battle. Atul, her husband was throughout with her during this battle, doing everything possible on earth to save her life. The destiny was not that kind to both of them. The husband clapped for her in the ICU where she died. He knew she tried to win the battle with full zeal but she was fighting against a pandemic which has no pattern.

Prabha died but her loving, caring, and smiling nature became an inspiration to her family.

On 29 June 2021, the project Atulya Prabha Foundation started in the summer heat, under the trees of Prabha's father's farms, in the village where she was born.

The sole motto is " Bring the smile back".

We are 360 degrees open to bring the smile back for people of all age groups, gender, caste, and creed. The story continues......

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I am an ambitious 17-year-old commerce student who loves to read, travel and gain knowledge. I am the elder daughter of late Mrs. Prabha Sharma. Inspired by my mother's values of kindness and generosity, I am extremely grateful to be a part of this foundation.


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Smiles Brought

Smiles Brought


Installation of 15 ceiling fans in Veerkhera Inter College

Veerkhera Inter College, established in 1957, runs from classes 6-12. The students approached our volunteers with the problem of low coverage of fans in classrooms. The classrooms were big but only had 1 fan each. This was making them uncomfortable to sit and study. Foundation installed one additional fan in each class as well as one fan in the principal's office. Students are now happy as they are able to focus on studies properly.


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Mr Shashi Bhardwaj- +91  839-586-7738

Miss Cheena Bharadwaj- +91 725-283-9929

Mr Atul Sharma- +91  987-375-4241

169 Near Primary School, Veerkhera Village, Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh, Pin code-203001, India

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